Rags2Riches Lyrics – Rod Wave

Rags2Riches Lyrics from Pray 4 Love is Latest English song sung and written by Rod Wave. The music of this new song is also given by himself. Check out the music video and full lyrics here.

Rags2Riches Lyrics – Rod Wave

Song Details:

Song: Rags2Riches
Album: Pray 4 Love
Singer: Rod Wave
Music: Rod Wave

Rags2Riches Lyrics

(Yeah, Look)

We Went From Rags To Riches
Project Fences, To Live In Luxury
Now We Live Luxury
Straight Out That Bottom
Nobody Gave Nothing To Me

Be Careful While Fucking With Me
All Of My Lil Brothers
Bout It They Cuttin For Me
Yeah They Gon’ Cut Ya For Me
Lay In The Cut With Them Cutters
Then Cut Ya For Free

Say She In Love With Me
But Save Your Love
I Just Want Your Company
I Fall In The Glove For Free
I Give Out Daps And Them Hugs
But No One’s For Me

Cuz That Type Of Shit Don’t Faze A Player,
This Type Of Shit Is What Make A Hater

When Ya Got It Out The Mud Yeah
Ran It Up Yeah
Really Don’t Give No Fuck Yeah
Don’t Give No Fuck Yeah

When You Turn Nothing To Something Yeah
Really Hustlin’ Yeah
Young And Gettin That Money Yeah
We Getting That Money Yeah

Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches (What Else?)
Rags To Riches
The Riches

Rags To Riches…

Written by:
Rod Wave

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