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Motorboat Lyrics – Tory Lanez

Motorboat Lyrics by Tory Lanez is Latest English song sung and written by Tory Lanez while music of this brand new song is also given by singer himself. Below you can read Motorboat song’s Lyrics in English.

Motorboat Lyrics

Song Credits:

Song: Motorboat
Singer: Tory Lanez
Lyrics: Tory Lanez
Music: Tory Lanez

Motorboat Lyrics in English

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, and I’m straight off the motorboat
I got bitches they goin’ for goin’ dope

Break it down and then sell the brick door to door
Pour a four on my bitch and then roll it up
I got the Ac’ in so you know I’m goin’ up
I got rich and these niggas start actin’ like bitches
But if it’s a fade we can throw it up
I got rich and my baby mama started trippin’
Like I did when she started throwin’ up
Had to shine like the chain, when it’s glowin’ up
I’m gang and I’m goin’
You know that if I gotta banger I’m blowin’
I’m straight off the motorboat
Fuck the strip club that shit had me goin’ broke
Got a family to feed, I can’t damage my seed
And be throwin’ this money on so and so
I got niggas that’s with me, they gang and the gang

We fuck with gorillas, no feelings, no hang-ups
Some niggas is talking that they don’t fuck with us
But why is you niggas still chillin’ and hangin’?
I’m back and we gang and we gangin’
My monkeys orangun-a-tangin’, they look like the Klan with the bandanas hanging
Remember the places they left me abandoned
I had to drop off the top, I’ll never be stranded
I roll with my bitches, she realer than niggas
I roll of up the gravel and thicken the swishers
And I’ma get mine off the motorboat, you know we go and go
You know it’s toe to toe
I got the .44, boy, you a baby, you know you lil’ Jodi Jo
What the fuck you think I did on nights when I ain’t had it?
I had to act like it was crack but I sold ’em soap
I had it hard for real, they don’t know nights when I starved for real
Felt the rejection from all of my people, from all of them nights that I scarred for real
Nice that I slept in this coupe with the partners don’t ever know what this shit took when we got it
Pussy niggas, I was steppin’ to take in the revenue, but I clocked in with the box
I’d rather buy me a brick and then buss it before I go buy a random bitch a Birkin
I’m on the strip and I click and clutch it, in case these niggas wanna try me in person
Tell me how you wanna go ’bout it?
Got the Bentley, I’m whippin’ the soul out it
This the new and your shit was the old body
Got the black youngstas with the money bags and the set in, I’m feelin’ like Yo Gotti
I was down on my dick, spent all my time on the strip
I couldn’t buy me a whip but I had bitches to drive me and shit
Niggas they left me to die in this shit but I’m back to the corner and I’m buyin’ this shit
I’m so rich that I fucked ’round and buy me a bitch
My left wrist so rocky, my right wrist on glacier, I’m applyin’ the drip
Go run the service up, I was raised ’round the killers and murderers
In the back of the X6, double R, you know that I’m raisin’ the curtain up, we ’bout to burn it up
I got the plating inside the bitch and you know I’m gon’ burn it up
We got to poppin’ and lighted the kernel up
I’m on a mission to get it lil’ bitch, I do not want to cuddle up, nah

Uh, I just got tired of bein’ fuckin’ broke
I just got tired of sleepin’ on the floor
I had to face it, I was all alone
I had to run and go and get the dough
The shooters run an go and hit the floor
I want the Lamborghini truck
Switched the feelin’, get this shit for the low, uh
I just got tired of bein’ fuckin’ broke
I just got tired of sleepin’ on the floor
I had to face it, I was all alone
I had to run and go and get the dough
The shooters run an go and hit the floor
I Want To Never Go Broke
Switch The End And Get That Sh*t For The Low

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